It really pisses me off how nobody actually fucking cares for me.

You know, you wouldn’t have to miss me if you didn’t do what you have done.
If you could have just kept us, us, without having someone else on the side, it would be fine.
If you would have told me the truth and not lied to me when I asked you questions, we would be fine.
If you didn’t make me out to be this god awful human that hurts you, we would be fine.
You need to take a step back and realize how much pain you caused me that night.
You need to see I didn’t take pills since the first day we hung out again, until the night she told me about you two.
I was okay, I let down my guard for you yet again only to get fucking squished and made a fool.
You made me look like such an idiot. I felt so stupid when she told me about you two.
I felt so stupid when she said that you still wanted her.
I didn’t expect this out of you at all. You were the last person I would see do this.
And god dammit, it killed me.


today these two kids in my math class were hitting each other with pencils and my teacher glared at them and said “could you try to be a little more mature?”

one of them screamed “TAXES” and punched the other kid in the face

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Yes complement, not compliment. A person who accentuates your true personality, who adds fuel to your fire. Someone who can help teach you things you could never learn on your own. The one who sparks your creativity and challenges you to do better and be better.

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If you can’t deal with my sarcasm. I can’t deal with being your friend. 

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"My alone feels so good. I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude."
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"Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way."
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"Last night I couldn’t sleep
because there was an empty space
where your body use to lie
And it felt wrong without your
arm draped over my waist
Lately I’ve missed your heartbeat
pounding in my ear
when I slept with my head against your chest
And I’ve been waking up cold
because I no longer have your body to keep me warm
I haven’t slept right in months
because all I can think about is how
wrong it feels with out you here next to me"
- Insomnia: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)

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